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UK [fɔːls] / US [fɔls] adjective
Word forms "false":
adjective false comparative falser superlative falsest
Other ways of saying false:
imitation made to look like something else, usually something more expensive: imitation leather artificial made to have the same features or do the same job as something else that exists naturally: artificial cream/sweeteners/flavourings fake made to look like something valuable or important, often in a way that is meant to trick people: fake jewellery or fur forged made to look exactly like something valuable or important and used illegally to trick people: a forged signature/passport/painting counterfeit made to look exactly like something valuable or important and used illegally to trick people: used especially for describing illegally produced money: counterfeit currency/traveller's cheques phoney (informal) used for describing behaviour and emotions that are not natural or sincere: He didn't fool anyone with that phoney Italian accent. bogus (informal) false and used for tricking people or pretending to be somebody you are not: bogus auto parts a bogus repairman pirate used for describing copies of things such as books or videos that have been made and sold illegally: They were caught selling pirate copies of the album.
1) not true

The report was dismissed as totally false.

a false statement

Adverbs frequently used with false
▪  blatantly, completely, entirely, patently, totally, utterly Nouns frequently used with false
▪  accusation, allegation, assumption, belief, claim, description, impression, statement
2) based on a mistake or on wrong information
a false impression/belief/hope:

The media gave the world a false impression of life in the city.

a) made to look like something real

false eyelashes

b) not real and intended to trick people

a false passport

4) not showing what you really feel or intend

This is no time for false modesty.

a false smile

false positive/negative — an incorrect result of a scientific test

One of the biggest complaints about current tests is that they give false positive results.

under/by false pretences — if you get something under false pretences, you get it by tricking people

He obtained money by false pretences.

Derived word:

My brother was falsely accused of murder.

She smiled falsely.

English dictionary. 2014.

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